A Minimalist, Music-Filled Wedding in the Dominican Republic


Cristina and Pablo initiated their wedding celebrations by inviting their guest to a delicious Asado at a secluded Colombian restaurant on the outskirts of Bogota Colombia at, La Picaderia.

Cristina expressed “We wanted to host an asado, or barbecue, for our guests to welcome them to Colombia. The venue we picked has beautiful grounds and we had picnic blankets laid out where everyone could hang out and relax outside. The dress code was cowboy chic and our guests wholeheartedly leaned into the theme. Hats were highly encouraged!”

Kind Words

“I know I said this in person but can’t say it enough, thank you for such a wonderful experience!

From our first zoom call talking about overall creativity to your thoughtful questions to really understand us as a couple and what this celebration really meant for us was a dream.

The attention to detail you and your team provided creatively, ensuring that we stayed on track with the photographs, maximizing our time, and keeping everything so much fun are beyond words! 

You are unmatched. We are absolutely in love with our images, they are just beyond. Thank you thank you thank you.! I don’t know how to express it in words but they’ve exceeded all of our expectations. It’s surreal to know we have these to keep forever. It’s the perfect reflection of our day! I don’t think I could ever get tired of thanking you!”

– Francesca & David

VENUE | Casa de Campo
PLANNER | Sarah Troncoso
GOWN | Alex Perry
VEIL | Loho Bride
SHOES | Miu Miu
HAIR | Elvira Sepulveda
MAKEUP | Michelle Flaz
CATERING | Casa de Campo
CAKE | Milona Cakes
MUSIC | Viktor Mitrov; GlambandKorduroy

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